Do you want your child to have the option of going to a grammar school?

As you already know, the next move you make for your child’s education will have an impact. An impact for many years to come including their future place at university, future jobs, and future income. Nurturing talents, being surrounded by other driven students and being taught by the best teachers are all key ingredients for success.

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How good are you at non-verbal reasoning tests?

To pass a non-verbal reasoning exam, you have to be better than good.

After spending the last 15 years educating hundreds and thousands of students through one of the UK’s leading education websites (, we have decided to build an online course that helps parents with one of the most challenging tests that is not formally taught in schools.

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What’s included in the online non-verbal reasoning course for 11-Plus?

100% Online – Non-verbal Reasoning Course

Learning non-verbal reasoning can be a stressful journey but we have designed a new online programme that dissects the different types of questions to make it easier for you to help your children succeed.

  • High-quality on-demand learning content – video lessons, quizzes and track your progress

  • Presented by experts – learn from authors and highly experienced tutors

  • Live lessons – go deeper with your weekly challenges

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100% Online

With all the key learning online, access straight away, study anywhere and learn at your own pace.

Video Lessons

Explainer videos delivered by a contributing author/assessment writer of some of the leading 11-Plus workbooks.

Online Tests

Practice and discipline will lead to mastering this subject. Try over 500 questions to help improve your pass rate.

Get Feedback

Learn from your mistakes, see feedback straight away with a clear explanation of where you went wrong so you can avoid them in the real exam.

40+ Hours of Learning

As you know the 11-plus requires some investment of time from both parents and children. The learning content in this course is developed to a very good level of depth bringing the value of this to £1,200+ compared to other learning modes.

Live Sessions

In the Online+Live version, there will be opportunities to go live with expert tutors who have 10+ years of experience in helping 11-plus students. A chance to ask questions, get exam tips and important updates.

Study on any device, mobile, tablet…

We live in a very different world so flexibility was an important aspect when we developed this course. You can now learn on the GO with a bite-sized approach.

Smart Quiz Navigation

We understand that every learner is different. We have added a feature enabling you to jump to incorrect questions so you can review and tackle the more challenging questions.


With so much learning packed into this course, see everything on a dashboard so you can track your progress to help focus on key areas for improvement.

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